Library Treasures: Heritage Week 2022| The St. Canice’s Cathedral Library Collection

For this National Heritage Week 2022 edition of our Library Treasures video, Rare Books Librarian Yvette Campbell takes us on an exciting adventure with some stunning book history from the St. Canice’s Cathedral Library Collection. Prepare yourself for the most beautiful incunabula, early printed books, inscriptions and even a little fragmentology!

Witches and Monsters and Banshees, oh my!

For this special Halloween edition of the Library Treasures Video Series, we take a look at several of our spookiest items covering Witches and Demons, Monsters, and Banshees.

We look at several very special items like the Formicarius, the second-ever printed work to describe witchcraft, which characterized the hysteria around witches and witch hunts throughout early modern Europe.

Irish Wonders, on the other hand, a much newer item dating to 1888, reviews popular folklore found throughout Ireland, claiming to be told by locals throughout the country – find out more from our blogpost

A big thanks to our colleague for her research and words we used in the script.


The Grubb Letters

Description: For our second episode of MU Collections Spotlight, we are taking a look at the Grubb Letters, a collection of letters written by prominent Irish Quakers between the years 1770 and 1830. In this episode, we are joined by Gretchen Allen, one of Maynooth University’s conservators. Gretchen will give us a sneak peek into the conservation process that she has undertaken with this collection.


Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021

Description: For our very first episode of MU Collections Spotlight, we are celebrating International Women’s Day by showcasing some women in our collections. We will give you a brief overview of how to access the Teresa Deevy materials that we have digitized. We will also look at a series of letters and wills from the Graham Collection demonstrating the difficulties faced by a recently widowed mother at the time.

Special thanks to the Maynooth University Archivist Róisín Berry for her tremendous work on the Teresa Deevy collection and for providing all of the information used to provide background on Teresa Deevy.