Document of the Day-Kilcock Leases

Post by Olive Morrin, Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections & Aexplore-campaign_identityrchives holds two Kilcock leases between Robert Fyan (Merchant) of Usher Quay, Dublin and John Colgan (Brewer) of the town of Kilcock.  The first lease which refers to a premises is dated 31st July 1810 runs for 61 years. The holding was for ‘All that part of Mathias Keating holding situate lying and being in the said town of Kilcock’.  Rent to be paid in half yearly payments of £10.00.

The second lease dated 11th March 1812 also between Robert Fyan and John Colgan runs for 41 years with half yearlkilcock-1y payments of £24.1s.  His rent includes “two fat hens or two shillings” every Christmas for each tenement he builds on the premises.  This lease includes additional membrane with a colour lined map of Kilcock.

In both cases the properties are situated in the Parish of Kilcock, Barony of Ikeathy and Oughterany, Union of Celbridge.

A cursory look at Griffith Valuation records that a Margaret Fyan was a landlord who owned considerable property and land in and around Kilcock and Cloncurry and leased to many tenants including members of the Colgan family.  An Anne Fyan is also mentioned as the owner of some property.  In Reports of cases argued and determkilcock-detailined in the Court of Exchequer in Ireland in 1841 refers to a Robert Fyan becoming bankrupt in 1815, his estate in both the premises was by indenture of the 8th January, 1816 assigned to John Pepper.

Griffith Valuation also records the Colgan family renting property from various landlords which apart from Margaret Fyan also included John Aylmer, John Dixon and William Coates.  Colgans also owned freehold property and were landlords themselves.

John Colgan’s seal

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